Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip Paris, 2007


adebanji said...

The beauty of these rural people are amazing! You don't need to "bath" them up with smooth strokes and technique- this is you at your best! I love them!!!! INSPIRING!

Lelia Sorokina said...

Dear Ignat, I love your portraits very much. As an amateur painter I'd like to ask you about street portraits - do you paint from live or from photos, since the movement is very fugitive here.
Thank you and good luck in all your work!

hormiga atómica said...

Hello, greetings from Spain. More or less a year, I saw on facebook one of your works, I was pleasantly shocked, some perfectly express how I feel as an artist until I was identified. I like the vibrancy of color, freshness and ease of stroke. I just saw these and I think you have also gained in variety of colors. Congratulations.